I am brand new to CrossFit 

Take CrossFit Tsawwassen for a Test Drive.  We offer a free private consultation one on one with one of our trainers.

This is structured for newcomers to come in and get a taste of what CrossFit is all about. You can ask questions, see the gym, meet some of the trainers and most importantly, see why CrossFit has taken the fitness industry by storm.


You are going to be eased into CrossFit safely with our CrossFit Fundamentals program to ensure your experience in CrossFit is safe and rewarding.

CrossFit Fundamentals is a series of private lessons taught in a very specific way that will prepare you for the full CrossFit experience.  You will learn the benefits of working one on one with one of the best coaches in the lower mainland.

Looking to start CrossFit but feel intimidated or unsure about joining a big class? Tried CrossFit but life got in the way and you haven’t been able to get in and train?

Our CrossFit Fundamentals is for you!

At Tactix Gym we believe that machines and isolated workouts are a thing of the past! Functional training and using compound exercises is the best way to build strength, power, stability and mobility that is needed to thrive in your sport and life outside of the gym. Our certified trainers believe in SAFETY FIRST and Quality over Quantity in terms of our movements and exercises.

We believe that building a solid foundation is the most important part of being able to progress through any of our programs. This strong foundation will allow for more constant gains over time, as well as a lower chance of injury! It might not be the most exciting philosophy, but we whole-heartedly believe if we are “working smarter, then working harder” will elicit the best results!