I Have CrossFit Experience

We are excited to welcome you to CrossFit Tsawwassen!  Let's get training!  Your CrossFit membership will give you access to all of our scheduled CrossFit classes and Open Gym times.

Every gym has a different policy for starting CrossFit. For us, we want to ensure that you will be able to keep up to our team and have a basic understanding off all the motions and lifts that we will be doing in our CrossFit classes.

The safety of our members and the quality of our program are the main focus at CrossFit Tsawwassen.  We offer over 50 classes weekly to accommodate your schedule.  Our class sizes are limited to achieve a solid coach to athlete ration.  If you feel like you'd like to see any additional classes added to the schedule, please let us know!

For those who don’t consider themselves beginners, we allow you to book a private assessment with one of our coaches. In that meeting, they will asses whether you are okay to jump right into CrossFit classes or you require private lessons to practice technique and break down all the complex movements that CrossFit consists of. The amount of lessons that you will need can range from 3-12, it depends on your experience and learning capacity.


1 Year Contract

  • $175/month

  • 12 month contract


6 Month Contract

  • $195/month

  • 6 month contract


No Contract

  • $210/month

  • month to month